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The Freedom to Control How We Feel - Meditation Retreat with Buddhist Monk, Gen Kelsang Jigme

5th June 2020 to 7th June 2020: 6:00pm Friday - 12:00pm Sunday

Sometimes it seems as if we are defined by our moods and feelings. If we are in a bad mood, for example, we become a certain type of person and behave in a particular way, but if we are in a good mood we are quite a different person and behave quite differently. But we find it difficult to control our feelings and moods and change them from negative to positive. Through meditation, however, we can learn to do this and thus control the kind of person we are. Everyone welcome.

Location: Manjushri KMC, Conishead Priory, Priory Road (A5087 Coast Road), Ulverston, Cumbria, Ulverston, LA12 9QQ

Price: £65.00 - £201.00

Type of Event: Workshop/Course/Arts & Crafts

Contact Details

Contact Name: Manjushri KMC
Contact Address: Manjushri KMC Conishead Priory Priory Road (A5087 Coast Road) Ulverston Cumbria LA12 9QQ
Contact Telephone: +44 (0)1229 584029
Email: [email protected]

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