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Events - March, 2019

Here's your comprehensive guide to what's on in South Lakes! Explore the action packed calendar of events and festivals in South Lakes. Whatever the weather, there's events in South Lakes to enjoy with your friends and family all-year round. Find all your South Lakes events below! Download our 2019 guide to find the dates of the biggest events this year!

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Exclusive tour of Hill Top

A chance to see Hill Top out of hours, and view her treasured possessions away from the crowds every closed Friday. Outside of the school holidays Hill Top closes on a Friday, this...

1st March 2019 to 5th April 2019 - View

Open Canoe Skills Coaching

Cumbria Canoeists Open Canoe Coaching Programme.
A programme of seven events.
Details on the Cumbria Canoeists website
Book each event using the code OCC1A...

20th October 2018 to 6th April 2019 - View

Wednesday Morning Meditation Class

Take some time to cultivate inner peace and happiness at the start of the day. This series of classes looks at the instructions found in the book How to Transform Your Life. Each ...

16th January 2019 to 17th April 2019 - View

Much More Than Meets The Eye! by James Owen Thomas

An display in Dover Gallery an exhibition of work by James Owen Thomas, young artist who creates his art from things other cast aside.

1st March 2019 to 28th April 2019 - View

Birds of Wray Castle quest

Over the Easter holidays, drop in between 10am and 5pm and take part in the Birds of Wray Castle quest. You'll need to imagine yourself in the feathers of one of the resident birds...

30th March 2019 to 28th April 2019 - View

Forgotten Landscapes, Hidden Secrets by Andrew Burns Colwill

An exhibition of paintings from Bristol based Andrew Burns Colwill, inspired
‘From stony riverbanks, ageless roots and mossy blankets rise minerals, meadows and gentle slopes sup...

2nd March 2019 to 6th May 2019 - View

FREE 15 minute meditation

At 12.30pm and 2.00pm daily.
Everyone is welcome to join these free 15 minute guided meditation sessions.
Give your mind a treat and experience some inner calm in the peaceful sur...

18th January 2019 to 10th May 2019 - View


Flugblätter, which translates as ‘flyers’ or ‘flying letters’, sees 130 artists share their artistic responses to globalisation in an innovative and thought-provoking exhibiti...

23rd March 2019 to 18th May 2019 - View

Miniscule 2

Miniscule 2 could be regarded as a bijou sociological experiment; over 220 artists submit a diminutive art object of any genre or media but with one simple proviso: the maximum siz...

23rd March 2019 to 18th May 2019 - View

FitBop- Dance Fitness!

Looking for something to put the fun back into your week?
Dance Fitness Class Wednesday night. Dance along to your favourite tracks from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and now.

13th February 2019 to 26th June 2019 - View

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