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What’s On - Events and Festivals in Ulverston

Here's your comprehensive guide to what's on in Ulverston! Explore the action packed calendar of events and festivals in Ulverston. Whatever the weather, there's events to enjoy in Ulverston with your friends and family all-year round. Find all your Ulverston events below!

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One Night In Dublin

Doors open 6:50pm. Lively live Irish music show.

4th Apr 2020 View

Woman Like Me - The Little Mix Show

Now playing it’s 4th successful year touring the UK and having played to over 50,000 people around the country, the Little Mix Show is back. A highly energetic show that follows in...

5th Apr 2020 View

Easter Monday Fun Day

Join us for family activities, traditional games, car boot and more this Easter Monday at our fun day. Free admission (some activities may involve a small charge)

13th Apr 2020 View

Half Man Half Biscuit

Their existence is somehow outside of the modern world, yet also a reaction to it. Merely by continuing to release and perform, Half Man Half Biscuit serve a greater purpose – to r...

17th Apr 2020 View

Mairearad Green and Anna Massie

Two of Scotland’s most revered multi-instrumentalists. Their pairing combines Mairearad’s deft and lyrical accordion style, as well as her masterful piping, with Anna’s unparallele...

24th Apr 2020 View

The Crucible

Play by Arthur Millar The Crucible mirrors the events of the McCarthy era and is a riveting piece of theatre, not to be missed.

21st Apr 2020 to 24th Apr 2020 View

The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s iconic play about the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century. Presented by The Ulverston Outsiders and directed by Steve Carrick. Box Office 01229...

21st Apr 2020 to 24th Apr 2020 View

Seeing the Best in Others - Meditation Retreat with Buddhist Nun, Gen Kelsang Lekchog

Buddha taught that what we see depends on the mind with which we see it – in other words we see projections of our own mind. This is true for all things, including people. If we le...

24th Apr 2020 to 26th Apr 2020 View

Freedom from Anxiety - Day Course Event

This day course offers practical solutions to everyday problems of modern living derived from the teachings of Buddha. Worry and anxiety are becoming increasingly prevalent in mode...

2nd May 2020 View

Printfest Ulverston

Printfest is dedicated to the exhibition and sale of contemporary hand-made prints by some of the best printmakers in the UK and beyond. Printfest is a fantastic opportunity to mee...

2nd May 2020 to 3rd May 2020 View